New South Wales Road Trip to Western Australia

A road trip for the books

Road trips are a great and fun way to explore and get to know a place. It is also a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends, seeing and experiencing new places, and sharing new adventures.

Western Australia is home to picturesque seas, gorgeous beaches, majestic forests and mind-blowing outback landscapes and rock formations. With its diverse offerings, WA is the ultimate road trip destination.

Western Australia is 3270 kilometres away from New South Wales – it’s literally driving across the Australian continent. The trip is not for the faint of heart. However, it will surely make for one of the most memorable adventures ever. So, plan those vacation leaves and hop behind the wheel for one of the most extraordinary road trip adventures of all time.

Places to stop and things to see on your road trip

Places to stop and things to see on your road trip

Travellers coming from Sydney can also take the time to explore all that NSW has to offer. Here are some noteworthy stopovers that can make the trip more worthwhile.

The Dubbo Region

Dubbo is perfect for families. Stop by at Dubbo and head to the Wellington Caves Holiday Park. Discover the underground and explore an ancient landscape where the first Megafauna was discovered in Australia. Visitors can also stay for the night and relax in the Wellington Caves Holiday Complex.

Broken Hill

Originally known as a mining centre, outback city Broken Hill is becoming popular amongst art lovers. Visitors can discover the city’s history through the Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour. Tourists can also pay respect to more than 800 miners who died working in the mines in the iconic Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial. Of course, the view from this popular site is beautiful and picturesque. Art enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

Meet Bob The Railway Dog in Peterborough

Three hours away from Broken Hill is the South Australian town of Peterborough, where travellers can meet Bob the Railway Dog at the Town Carriage Museum. The museum showcases the town’s history and timeline. The best part, entry is free.

Stop By Port Augusta – The entry point to the Outback

Known as the entry point to Australia’s outback, South Australia’s Port Augusta is a must-stopover. Visit the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden and discover the thousands of plants that can live through drought and scorching weather. The garden is situated in the Upper Spencer Gulf, giving visitors a breathtaking view of the Flinders Ranges. Visitors can join the garden’s guided tours, and there is also the Arid Explorer’s Children’s Garden for the kids.

Other places to check out at Port Augusta are the Wadlata Outback Centre, the Matthew Flinders Red Cliff Lookout, and the Yarta Purtli Port Augusta Cultural Centre.

Drive through The Epic Nullarbor                                                        

One cannot miss The Nullarbor when driving from Southern Australia to Western Australia. Located on the Great Australian Bight, The Nullarbor runs at a stretch of 1256 kilometres. This flat, treeless, and arid Australian country is home to kangaroos, emus, and camels, among many other interesting wildlife. It also offers breathtaking sea cliffs and majestic coastlines where one can see migrating whales. Adventure seekers can also visit the caves in the area, which contain thousand-year-old fossils.

Pause by Bunda Cliffs

Before finally crossing to Western Australia, do stop by at Bunda Cliffs. It is located in the Alinytjara Wilurara region and is more than four hours away from Ceduna, the entry point to Nullarbor. Be amazed by the Great Australian Bight and take amazing photos of the seemingly endless coastlines.

Travellers can stay the night at the Nullarbor Roadhouse or the Border Village Roadhouse, located right at the border.

Welcome to Norseman – The eastern gateway to Western Australia

Welcome to Norseman – The eastern gateway to Western Australia

The town of Norseman was named after a racehorse and is the entry point to Western Australia for travellers coming from the east. Beacon Hill Lookout provides a stunning panorama, giving visitors a 360-degree view of the town.

Visit Coolgardie and Southern Cross– WA’s Gold Country

Coolgardie may be small, but it is worth a visit. It used to be one of the biggest towns in Australia during the gold rush in the 1800s. Visit Warden Finnerty’s Residence for a cup of Devonshire tea and a journey back to the late 1890s.

Known as the mother town of Western Australia’s goldfields, Southern Cross was named after a group of stars. It is located in a farming area and is surrounded by some of the largest farms in Western Australia. To know about its rich history, visit the Yilgarn History Museum and stay at the heritage-listed Palace Hotel.

Relax at Kojonup

Before Perth, you’ll pass by Kojonup, known for its friendly and warm country hospitality. Visit and take pictures at Kojonup’s Rose Maze, located at The Kodja Place. Know about Kojonup’s history and follow its historical walk trail. While here, travellers can stay the night at Cornwall House Accommodation, a charming country motel strategically located on the Albany Highway.

Live big at Perth

The capital of Western Australia, Perth has so much to offer to travellers. It has nature reserves and parks, walking trails, beautiful coastlines, and bustling city life. There is something for everyone in this lively and colourful city. There you have it, your road trip guide from New South Wales to the heart of Western Australia. Of course, you can add some side trips here and there and customise it however you wish. Just remember to have fun, savour the moment, take lots of pictures, and drive safely.

Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or a family filled weekend of fun, you will find both ideas and inspiration, the latest information, and tools to help you plan your next getaway.

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