8 Reasons to Travel to Australia

Australia has captured the hearts of many travellers with its exotic wildlife and natural wonders. It is one of the few countries that gives an unforgettable experience for all ages, budgets, and preferences. So, wherever part of the globe you’re coming from, the long flight to reach this remote country is worth it.

This article gives you eight reasons why you should book that flight and visit the Land Down Under. 

1.      It’s the best road trip destination.

Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world, which is why it is often regarded as a continent by itself (Note: read more about Oceania here). It’s the perfect place for those who want to go off the beaten path. There’s so much wild nature and outback to camp and relax in peace. 

There are also small towns and cities that each have a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. There’s no need to do everything in a rush since plenty of wonderful accommodation are available in all corners of the country, from Perth to Sydney. 


2.      It has the perfect weather for travelling.

International travellers get to enjoy golden-sunshine weather almost the whole year-round, especially in Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State. Although South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania can get really cold during winter, Western Australia and the Northern Territory still have summer-like weather 365 days a year. 

Tourists and locals typically migrate from south to north starting June. There are several activities in store for them, such as surfing, hiking, camping, and sunbathing. 

Australian sunrises and sunsets are sights to behold. Those travelling from the east coast should wake up early to see the sunrise from the majestic Byron Bay. Those visiting Western Australia must see the sun turn the horizon into a beautiful mixture of pinks and oranges. 

With the perfect weather and many things to see, try to extend your reservations for accommodation in The Great Southern Region to at least a week. 

3.      The Natural Wonders will take your breath away.

Some are strange, some are mystical, but one thing is for certain – Australia is home to rare, breathtaking natural wonders. Take, for instance, Queensland’s priced Great Barrier Reef, which is the only living piece of the planet seen from space. 

The sacred Uluru or Ayer’s Rock is a sight to behold. It produces stunning shades of orange and red during sunrise and sunset. The wind-blown cuts make it appear like a wave of sand arising over the desert. 

Other spectacular places to see in Australia include: 

  • The Pinnacles
  • Fraser Island
  • Kakadu and its amazing tropical biodiversity
  • Mackenzie Falls
  • Blue Mountains
  • Sandstone area of the Bungle Bundle Range

4.      Australia has diverse wildlife.

Around 90% of the animals indigenous to the country can’t be found anywhere else on Earth – only in Australia. This includes colossal crocodiles, the quick and strong-beaked emu, and bugs of various funky colours. 

International tourists will surely see some of this wildlife as they leave the cities. Some of the best spots to see different kinds of Australian animals are:

  • Cape Le Grand National Park for kangaroos
  • Great Ocean Road in Victoria for koalas
  • Exmouth in Western Australia for emus 

5.      It has stunning beaches.

The list of reasons to visit Australia wouldn’t be complete without including its beaches. With over 25,000 kilometres of coastline, there are several spots to choose from! The most famous beaches that will surely get you stoked are: 

  • Bondi Beach in Sydney
  • Cottesloe Beach in Perth
  • Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Islands

Some beaches have unique and interesting names too. Visit Anxious Bay in South Australia, and get pictures taken in Hangover Bay of the West Coast. 

People who love to surf can catch great waves on the East Coast. The best surfing spot may be in Queensland. Noosa Heads is a great place to surf because it has waves for both experts and beginners.

Share stories over great wine

Australia has some excellent wine regions. Some examples include: 

  • Hunter Valley near Sydney
  • Barossa Valley near Adelaide
  • Margaret River near Perth

There are many varieties of good wine to be tried, such as Pinot Noir and Shiraz. These can be enjoyed by going on a day trip to the wine areas from nearby cities. A full-day wine tour may cost around 150 AUD. Whether you’re staying in Sydney or Perth, make sure to book a pleasant and accessible Perth motel or Sydney accommodation to get good rest a day before the trip. 

6.      Satisfy your cravings with barbecues, Aussie style!

The Aussies do several things well, one of which is throwing a barbecue (also called ‘barbie’). The Australian barbecue is a tradition they take seriously, so expect many parks and public areas to contain at least three barbecue pits. 

Nothing beats spending a beautiful warm night with good beer and some grilled-up kangaroo. It’s also a budget-friendly activity to do!


7.      You’ll never run out of things to do here, mate!

Australia is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Whether one wants to explore the wilderness, surf coastlines, or anything in between, the country always has something to offer

The big cities of Australia are also rich in culture. Perth combines great food with beach fun and booming arts scene. Canberra is a must-see for architecture lovers because of its world-class museums and big tree-lined avenues. It may be hard to try to do everything in one day. So, make sure to book a stay in an accessible NSW or Victoria hotel. But if you want to be in both states, book an Albury accommodation and visit Albury-Wodonga!

8.      The Aussie lifestyle is captivating.

Australia is such a wonderful and welcoming country; it’s hard not to fall in love with it. The charming, relaxed atmosphere, vibrant art scene, and cultural diversity make the travel worth it. 

Bonus reason: Australia has the best beers and wines. As we say here, here’s the perfect place for piss up!

Looking to travel to Australia soon? You might want first to check out any Travel Restrictions imposed by the Australian Government. We defo look forward to seeing ya here soon!

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